Potipot Island.

SeaSuns boat sail you to Potipot. Filipino name (banka)

Potipot Island.

If there is a romantic paradise, then it must be here. Chalk white sand, large trees vældter out against the blue crystal-clear sea. Called among Philippine the new (Boracay Island). You can walk around the island in just 1/2 hour. SeaSuns boat can sail you over there in just 30 minutes.

Trip to Potipot Island.

  If desired, the kitchen making picnic basket for you. Agree with the chef the day before what the want. There can be grilled on the island and stay overnight in bamboo huts. Why not make your own Robinson expidion. Make your own sandwiches from SeaSuns the kitchen and slept on the island. Be retrieved the next day. PS. There are good TLF coverage on the island so you can always grab SeaSuns employees

Payment of the boat. The first two people 800 pesos. Approximately Ca 20 US  Per extra person 200 pesos. About 5 US payable entrance on the island, it shall ye pay the cost 100 pesos each. person. Approximately 2,5 US Accommodation costs 300 pesos per person. approx. 7,5 US AUD Food and drink and boat payable at Seasun.